Five Questions we are frequently asked

1. What sorts of projects do you work on?

Having been in business for over 30 years, we have worked on all types of projects over the years. From working on nationwide icons such as the Lowry Centre and Liverpool’s Cunard Building to independent start up shops and cafes, no project is too big or small for APM Design.

APM do however specialise in the hospitality sector and have won multiple awards for hotels, bars and healthclubs in recent years.

Check out our portfolio and social media for examples of our past work.

2. Do you have a predefined design style or are you able to work with Clients aesthetic aspirations?

Our job is to guide you through the design process, we will never impose a design or style on a  Client. APM like to work collaboratively with our Clients to ensure their brief is being delivered and design aspirations achieved. From our portfolio of work you will see that every project is different, we do not use ‘template’ designs.

In all walks of life it pays to invest in sound expert advice. Interior Design and Construction Consultancy is no different. We always find that projects where there is trust between Client and Designer are much more successful. It is therefore important to only appoint a team who you feel you can work collaboratively with.

3. How does your design process work?

We tend to work in stages and are happy to be appointed on a stage by stage basis if that is preferred. Every project is different but broadly speaking we use the following design stages:

  • Stage 1 – Feasibility and Space Planning – During this stage we establish what the brief is and develop a collective understanding of the extent of work and how the space will be utilised.
  • Stage 2 – Concept Design – Once we have pinpointed the areas for attention we can move onto looking at how these spaces will look and feel. This often involves looking at inspiration images and giving design examples.
  • Stage 3 – Interior Design – Once the design direction has been established we can look at the specific colours, fabrics and materials for the project. During this stage we will collate a number of different options and discuss them with the Client before finalising the specification.
  • Stage 4 – Detailed Design & Procurement – This is an essential stage for ensuring that the design is achievable and can be handed over to a Contractor who will be able to convert designs into reality. This stage will result in a full set of detailed CAD drawings, detailed specifications and if appropriate visuals. It is at this point where, if required, APM can get prices from Contractors and specialists who can then carry out the work.
  • Stage 5 – Construction – We do not carry out the works ourselves but we can remain on hand to oversee this process to ensure Clients are getting the results they wanted. APM can also fully project manage this phase if required, allowing Clients to take a step back from what can be an intense and demanding construction phase.

4.     How much will it cost to appoint APM Design?

Our fee could be anything between £1,000 to £100,000 depending on the level of input required from APM.

Every project is different and so we do not have template fee agreements. We tend to find that Clients prefer to have fixed fee agreements based on bespoke scope of service breakdowns, APM calculate these based on how much of our team’s time we expect the various project stages to take.

Some Clients would rather we are paid based on a pre-agreed hourly rate, we then provide transparent timesheets to back up any hours claimed.

APM always endeavour to provide a tailored service which works with Clients varying budgets.

5.     Do you carry out the refurbishment works yourself?

No, we are Designers and Consultants not Contractors. APM can however put Client’s in touch with suitable Contractors to undertake the actual construction work, we can also undertake a competitive tender process if required to demonstrate that quotes are market tested and fair. Depending on Client’s requirements and budgets we can act as project managers throughout the project, this gives Client’s the peace of mind that their best interests during the project are being looked after by full time experts who are impartial from those carrying out the work.

How many of the above have you thought about in the past?

We hope that by talking you through some frequent questions we have put your mind at ease and given you a good idea for how APM work. Please remember that we are an approachable bunch and are always happy to discuss any of your own questions either over the phone or via email, just get in touch.

September 27, 2022

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