The starting point of every Interior design project is to fully establish a clear brief with the client. Identifying our objectives, we take time to learn the specific functions of the space and how it will be used, furthering our understanding through site visits or floor plans. Following this, our clients will receive a fee proposal outlining the brief with a clear description of what to expect during each design stage.



From the client's brief, our designers use their experience and knowledge of the latest design trends to establish an overall look and feel for the space, relayed through sketches, zonal diagrams, inspirational imagery and loose materials. This is a collaborative stage where we require as much feedback as possible to ensure we are on the right page.



In this stage, space planning and furniture layouts are developed. Each area is rigorously explored for the best outcome that meets the brief. Clients will be presented with floor plans illustrating the proposed furniture layouts and any internal changes that may be required.


APM prepare mood board presentations showing samples of proposed finishes as well as imagery of suggested furniture and key details. During this stage, we invite feedback from the client to refine our design further if required. Once finalised, materiality will be shown on the technical drawings where necessary and a finishes specification will also be produced, providing our client with information for every product specified.



Having approved all of the above stages, our designers progress onto developing detailed drawings. Floorplans, elevations and other related items, such as bespoke joinery, are drawn up in detail. Sharing our design to all associated with the project including contractors and specialist fabricators will ensure the installation runs smoothly and to programme.


Clients are given the opportunity to have 3D CGI's created to enhance visual impact. Using the latest software and techniques, we are able to produce accurate visualisations showing how the design will look when realised. Often, our CGI visuals are used for marketing purposes and shown on social media to create a build up to the projects opening. Additionally, if required, APM can offer clients a support and procurement service, allowing you to benefit from our trusted list of approved suppliers.

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