APM were procured to provide a contemporary personal training studio offering a luxurious and enjoyable surrounding to carry out expert one to one exercise programmes. The studio required a flexible layout to cater for a diverse range of client needs and uses. APM were involved from the initial viewing/selection of the site, to advise the client on the suitability of the property prior to purchase, right through to final completion.


We worked very closely with all contractors and suppliers to ensure the client received a quality product and service. We visitedsite throughout the development to ensure the workmanship was of the highest standard. APM developed the ‘NXTEP’ brand identity, its use being reflected in the design of the studio interior, retail sales branding and as part of the clients marketing strategy.


The clients business partnership with high profile fitness clothing brand, ‘HPE’ (Human Performance Engineering), allowed APM to introduce a retail sales area into the scheme; therefore enhancing the experience of the personal training studio by offering a retail sales opportunity.